Discover all SUFIX products at a glance

SIG Air Handling has published a new brochure that gives a quick overview of their SUFIX products. SUFIX is one of the SIG brands and provides accessories for the installation of cooling, heating and ventilation products.

SUFIX in the spotlights

With the brochure, SIG wants to draw more attention to its SUFIX products: accessories which facilitate the installation of cooling, heating and ventilation products. They are suited for HVAC, hydraulic and air conditioning systems:

  • wire suspension systems: fast and safe solutions for securing all kinds of air ducts and heaters, pipes and tubes, plenum boxes and air conditioning
  • insulated clamps: withstand the coldest and hottest environments. For example, they serve as support for sanitary ice water pipes or for piping networks intended for heating.
  • cable trays: quick, flexible and safe solutions that support all kinds of wiring
  • mounting rails & accessories: suspend and support pipes, ducts and their appliances
  • tools: facilitate the installation of HVAC, hydraulic and air conditioning systems
  • screws: available in every size and shape and suitable for every installation
  • anti-vibration mounting systems: safe solutions for rooftop support of air handling and air conditioning units.
  • air duct accessories:  accessories required for installing and securing all kinds of ducts

Want to know more about these items? Read our brochure.

SUFIX product overview