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Company milestones

Company Milestones

SIG starts its ventilation activities in France as a spin-off of the successful technical insulation business. The synergies between ‘insulation’ and ‘ventilation’ are clearly visible. The commercial development in France is stimulated by opening new branches, geographically spread to support the customers locally. Proximity/local presence becomes a critical success factor. In 2008 SIG acquires a major player in Europe: Air Trade Centre. This platform acquisition is a step towards internationalization and offers SIG an European distribution network. From 2013 until now SIG has further developed its presence in many countries. In 2016 all company names have been streamlined towards one new company name: SIG Air Handling. This new and strong European company, with commercial and value added assembling activities will further grow to fulfill its vision objectives.

Delivering complete system solutions to customers


SIG PLC’s first significant move into Air Handling came through the acquisition of Air Trade Centre in 2008 (rebranded to SIG Air Handling in 2016) with the rationale that this is a complementary specialist distribution market, with similar environmental drivers as SIG’s insulation and energy management business. The Air Handling business has grown rapidly over recent years and sales increased to €350 million in 2018. The sales target for 2019 is c. € 370 million. Further growth will be enabled by both organic growth and specific acquisitions, supporting our strategy.




350 million