Our people

Our biggest asset

SIG Air Handling employs excellent, highly-trained and motivated people whose hearts lie in the industry. Their wellbeing and engagement is one of our top priorities.

As a member of SIG Group, we share the same values and corporate responsibilities.

Training & recruitment

The skills and expertise of our people are key differentiators in the marketplace. Developing leaders as well as up-skilling their teams are therefore a core part of our employer strategy. Through different programmes of on-the-job training and professional guidance, especially in customer service, we not only create a recruitment pipeline of talented individuals entering the business, but we are also able to accelerate the development and progression of those already with us.

Environment, health & safety

We fully subscribe to the Zero Harm health and safety programme of the SIG Group: “The health, safety and wellbeing of employees and others are primary considerations for our management at all levels in the development, growth and day-to-day operations of the business, our products and services.”

Employee engagement

SIG Air Handling aims for their staff to reflect our diverse society and customer base. As we thrive on the expert knowledge of our employees, we seek to attract and retain talented individuals and are committed to recognising excellent performance and celebrating our employees’ successes with a fair and consistent approach. We strive for a pleasant working environment with equal opportunities for all employees.

Internal communications

Communicating with our employees is one of our key priorities. We want to make sure everyone understands our vision and the strategy for delivering it. In our continued effort to improve both customer and employee satisfaction we support two-way communication by being open to our employees’ views and opinions.