SIG Air Handling introduces new corrosion-resistant louvres

SIG Air Handling’s product label Cairox has introduced a new type of louvre: Magnelis®. These are coated with Magnelis® steel, which has proven to be three times more corrosion-resistant than their galvanised counterparts. The product is an interesting new option for industry, agriculture, swimming and sports environments. 

Three times more corrosion-resistant

The Cairox Magnelis® louvres are coated with a Magnelis® steel alloy. Its key components? Aluminium and magnesium. The louvres’ corrosion-resistance is superior: tests have proven that galvanised ones show red rust three times faster than those of the Magnelis® type (source: ArcelorMittal R&D)

Other tests were performed as well: the ISO-certified salt spray test (ISO 9227 NSS), and other studies in rural, tropical and urban environments. All results demonstrated an elevated corrosion-resistance. 

Suitable for different environments

How come the new louvres perform better than their galvanised counterparts? The new Magnelis® steel alloy is one reason. But the high-density coating, self-repairing cutting edges, high run-off rate and smooth surface also slow the forming of rust. That makes the louvres perfect for industry, agriculture, swimming pools and sport centres. The Magnelis® louvres are tailor-made, and therefore suited for several projects. Their life cycle is long, but after that, they are 100 % recyclable. Other product details and information can be found in our brochure.